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Our goal at DJ &K’s Kennels is to bring out the best in your dog, whether that is a family dog, a reliable hunting companion or a competitive hunt tester. Owners are encouraged to come and watch training and learn with their dog. We are located in Central Illinois, 60 mile east of Springfield.

Dave has been training his own dogs since 1980. In 1993 he started competing in hunt tests. He started
training professionally in 1996. We compete in both AKC and UKC hunt tests. DJ&K’s have produced numerous Grand Hunting Retrievers Champions (GRHRCH), Hunting Retriever Champions (HRCH) in UKC, along with Junior (JH), Senior (SR), and Master Hunters (MH) in AKC.
Our gun dog program begins with obedience and ends with the dog reliably handling on blind retrieves.  Depending on your goals, training can be tailored to your hunting needs. Here is a satisfied client!

Our Training Partner Cassidy Retrievers
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